My dear sunflower

The sun is rising so high and if she could, she would plant sunflower seeds on every inch of her body. So that one day, she would become so beautiful, standing still with her strong petals. Her face drinking in sunshine. Through its rays of light. Giving hope to everyone. Especially with the way her eyes says hello when she smiles. Completely clothed with passion and strength, laughing without fearing. About what tomorrow may bring.

She also knows that one day, her stems will become soggy. With fading leaves and falling seeds. But the sun will silently tell her:
“Hold you down there my dear sunflower. Please breathe because if that day comes you could be a dead flower for a bookmark, for you can slowly glance up from the page and could still bring hope like you always do.”

Written by jam/21/F/Philippines

Freie Arbeiten – in Cooperation mit Tram Phan – Sommer 2018 – Fotografie